Tools For Success Consulting

Lynne Scheurer-Foster, M.S., M.A.

Educational Consultant


    Why should a family turn to Tools For Success Consulting for help with the college admission process when they have the support of a counseling department in their child’s school? While many School Guidance Counselors do an excellent job working with students, these professionals are overworked. They have tremendously demanding and large caseloads of students. They have to dedicate countless hours to writing recommendation letters to colleges about each of their students.  All students/ families can benefit from extra support, attention and expertise.

    Many educational consultants delegate key aspects of the college process to others.  Your student and your family will receive first-hand knowledge and benefit from TFSC’s extensive experience in this field, for which there is absolutely no substitute. An honest and open line of communication is the basis of a successful partnership. We are pleased to answer the many questions your family has now, as well as those which arise along the way.

    While high school juniors and seniors have the most immediate need,  freshman and sophomore students certainly benefit from an earlier start including: evaluating their most rigorous curriculum options, planning meaningful and interesting summers, creating standardized testing strategies and exploring and maximizing outside activities. In addition to two office locations, and to accommodate students and families anywhere, Skype, email and phone sessions allow convenient and efficient alternatives or complements to in-person sessions.

Personality assessment testing is also available to increase self-understanding, discover hidden potential, decide college majors, and improve communication.

First-Hand Knowledge And Personal Attention

“ We were looking for someone to help simplify the college process. TFSC was our solution! Lynne’s knowledge and guidance throughout the four years was phenomenal. Her comprehensive expertise, flexibility, accessibility, and sensitivity were a perfect fit for our needs and those of our two very different children. They were each accepted by the school of their choice. Lynne’s humor and perspective helped diffuse the stress and preserved the peace in our family.”

- M. Rosen, New York